5 Stretches Every Cyclist Should Do
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No time for lengthy post-ride stretch routines? Try these to keep you free of injury.


Whether you commute to work or ride around the bay every weekend, cycling is a great way to exercise with minimal impact on your joints.

Being on a bike, often for hours at a time, keeps your body in a fixed position, which can wreak havoc on the lower back, hips, leg muscles, and the less considered neck and middle back.

These areas become shortened, painful, and lose their ability to produce power if not stretched out after a long ride, not to mention lead to injury.

Everyone is busy, we get it! So here are 5 efficient stretches to keep you on your bike.


5 Stretches, Quick & Easy

Each stretch is to be held for 30 seconds and repeated twice. Breathe.


Hip Flexor Stretch

Tip: Keep hips squared to the front and push them forward. If flexibility allows, bend back leg and grab foot with hand.



Hamstring and Pec Stretch

Tip: Bring your feet wider than shoulder-width, turn feet slightly in to protect knees. Lean your body forward and reach your arms back until a comfortable stretch is felt in the hamstrings, as well as chest and front of the shoulders.



Adductor and Mid Back Stretch

Tip: let your legs fall out to the side until a comfortable stretch is felt in your inner thighs. While holding this position, reach forward trying to pull back through your shoulder blades, a comfortable stretch should be felt in between the shoulder blades and the back of your neck.



Glute Stretch (Pigeon Pose)

Tip: Front knee bent at 90deg if possible. Either erect back or rest forward on forearms for a more intense stretch in the buttock.



Calf and Plantar Fascia Stretch

Tip: No shoes for this one. Press toes up against a wall to stretch the arch of the foot. Keep a slight bend at the knee to target lower calf (soleus).



Happy Riding!

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