How To Avoid Hip Pain And Stiffness: Common Causes Of Hip Pain
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Do you ever feel like your hips are stiff? Do you experience pain in the hips when going from sitting to standing and limp the first few steps?

Chances are a couple of muscles in your buttocks (gluteus minimus, gluteus medius) is being repetitively irritated and weakened. Therefore, causing the feeling of hip pain and reduced movement.


It’s all in the butt.


Why these muscles?

Gluteus minimus and medius help with rotation at the hip and stabilising the pelvis. At the optimal function, they act to stabilize the hip and pelvis when the opposite leg is raised from the ground. They attach onto the ball of the hip.


The common cause of injury:

– Sitting with legs crossed
– Sitting for long periods of time
– Running or walking on an uneven surface
– Overuse
– *More common in women in 60’s


What to do:

– Avoid sitting with legs crossed!
– Warm-up, stretching before activities
– Exercises to strengthen these glute muscles to help decrease risk and treat injury
– Myotherapy aids in restoring range of movement and reducing pain, to increase function and encourage healing.



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