Knee Pain Myth Buster: Changing the way you think about arthritis and knee pain.
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Changing The Way We Perceive Osteoarthritis Pain In The Knee


Have you ever been told your arthritic knee is ‘bone on bone’? Or that you wore away your cartilage and by running, walking or playing tennis for too long?                                                                                    

Believe it or not, the bone on bone arthritis of the knee may not be a “pain generator” at all.         There are no nerve endings in the bone itself or in the cartilage. So, if two bones are rubbing together and all else is well, they won’t hurt.                                                                                         

Being active will not cause your arthritis to worsen. 

As long as the pain is mild, it is not going to shorten the lifespan of your knee. Quite the opposite! Keeping your muscles and joints strong, flexible and active, and allowing proper recovery (rest, massage, stretching) the better you will be.

Life does not stop after a diagnosis of arthritis. Exercising a joint that you’ve been told is wearing out may seem daunting but the right exercise is the best medicine.

If pain is present, modifications may need to be made to help relieve pain and allow you to continue to benefit from your exercise. Just ask us if you need help to create your best exercise program.

Bianca x

Myotherapist at MelbourneWT

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