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How it all came about. I still remember the feeling of treating my first ever client after graduating from uni… following the person into the treatment room and nervously asking, “So how can I help you today?” thinking oh god let it be something easy like a pulled calf!! Eleven years have passed since that day and you will be pleased to know I have successfully treated more than a few strained gastrocs 😉

Being a myotherapist, my primary focus is restoring the function of soft tissue and reducing pain. Through treating clients over the years I have discovered that there are many elements to be addressed when treating someone’s pain or restricted movement. Of course there is the hands on physical therapy, but what if a person can’t open their jaw without pain due to the stress in their life being so out of control they are grinding their teeth down all day!? My point is, giving someone the tools to manage their stress is as important as the manual treatment.

So with this in mind, I decided that Sarah Howren Myotherapy needed to be more rounded and more holistic to help people achieve an overall feeling of wellness. I wanted to create a clinic that incorporated myotherapy, physiotherapy, yoga, meditation and nutrition to complete the wellness picture… and that was it! Melbourne Wellness Therapies was born.

Please feel free to stroll around our new site and get to know us! Pop back any time as we will be constantly blogging to keep you updated on all things wellness.


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