Our 5 tips to a quick post run recovery: Learn how to bounce back quicker after your next event.
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5 Tips For A Speedy Recovery

Running can be hard on the body, so whilst you can feel amazingly proud of your achievements after a long run event, don’t forget to give your body a little love back! Try these tips after your next run to ensure you bounce back quicker and better than ever…

1. Active Ice Recovery – the perfect way for an active ‘ice bath like’ recovery is a walk through the ocean around waist deep. (Especially good in Victoria!)

2. Refuel – of course hydrate, but also eat protein to repair muscles and fresh greens & veg to replenish lost minerals.



3. Legs Up The Wall – lie on your back with your legs up the wall to let old blood drain from those tired legs and allow clean fresh blood to stream in.

4. Get A Massage – massage assists with reducing inflammation, improving immune function, and lowering stress hormones like cortisol.

5. Listen To body – if you are feeling fatigue and soreness don’t force your next run on yourself too soon! Take an extra couple of days and try a nice non weight baring exercise like swimming or go for a bike ride. Movement and blood flow is key.

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