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We all enjoy spending a little hang out time in our comfort zones. Being a place of comfort and ease where we feel familiar and in control, why wouldn’t we?! But hold on a minute, don’t start pouring the concrete slab just yet… whilst life may sound nice and cushy in ‘comfy town’ nothing much actually happens there. Unless we have the courage to continuously step outside the zone and challenge ourselves we cannot grow nor change.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

~ Fred DeVito

This year I have been working with a business mentor, the beautiful Lara at The Greatness Academy, and a few weeks ago we discussed what stops people from stepping out of their comfort zones whether it be business or personal… what is holding them back or getting in the way of achieving their work or life goals?

Fear of failure is a pretty big one, as is the uncertainty of change or feeling a lack of worthiness. Yet the one that hadn’t occurred to me was the fear of being vulnerable. Not only did I have the meaning all wrong (as I’m sure do many others) but for me it was the realisation that the fear of being vulnerable was one of those things that could potentially keep one foot permanently planted in camp cosy. I very much doubt that I am the only person to misunderstand this, as seldom would you hear someone speaking openly about what makes them feel vulnerable because that would be weak right? Wrong. Showing up and letting yourself be seen takes far more courage than hiding out backstage… which brings me to the purpose of this blog!


The challenge has been placed in my hands by Lara, bless her cotton socks, to post 365 days on vulnerability via social media in order to educate ourselves and help correct the misconception around vulnerability. The thought of 1 year of posts sent me into a bit of a flap however fortunately my negotiating skills had not left me and we agreed on 90 Days Of Vulnerability. In preparing for this task I have already had several lightbulb moments… so if by sharing these posts over the next 90 days means that one person benefits one little ounce by learning about the power of vulnerability, be it in a business or personal sense, it can only be a positive thing.


For those of you who think this is all far too fluffy and need some hard hitting stats to be convinced, I ask you to watch the below TED talk by Brené Brown. Dr Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston and has been studying vulnerability, courage, authenticity and shame in us humans for the past thirteen years. Her talk has had over 22 million views and may just blow your socks clean off!



So look out Melbourne Wellness Therapies Instagram, the vulnerability train is about to leave the station !! It leaves tomorrow on the 2nd November actually 🙂





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